Employers Guide 2018
Print Design & Marketing Campaign for the 2018 Employers Guide to help hire talent, which includes an updated national salary guide.
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As part of the Marketing Campaigns for 2018, we were tasked with a new print and digital version of the new year’s salary guide that needed to be more than just the raw data which consists of just national salaries in Information Tech, Corporate Support, Accounting and Finance, and Legal & Compliance.

After conducting a thorough survey utilizing Hubspot’s tools to reach our client database of thousands of contact leads, we realized what was most important for our clients to be aware of in 2018:

  • Market Trends for Acquiring Top Talent
  • Best Practices for the best Recruiting Process
  • Inside info Regarding the Recent Salary Ban Question
  • Salary Breakdown of Job Titles within Thier Industry

My Involvement:

As the lead designer, I was in charge of the art direction, preparation, mock-ups, prototype, and strategic delivery of this print asset while working with content and my Marketing Director to oversee the alignment of the survey results.

The data from the survey allowed us to make informed, data-driven designs to effectively communicate the information visually. My process included the following:

  • Data Visualization
  • Brand Identity
  • Custom Di-Cuts and Tabs setup
  • Mock-ups for Presentation and Printing Partners
  • Solidifying Consistent Application Design (forward thinking)
  • Digital Campaigns for Pre-Order Launch & Digital
  • Omni-channel images for Social Promotion for Pre-Orders & Digital Campaigns
  • Hyper-Local Campaign mock-ups for office territories
  • Website and Blog promo images
  • Designing PPT Training Presentations for Internal Employees

Employers Guide Marketing Campaign

Target Strategy:
In order to make sure this particular campaign got the most traction, we conducted a survey via Hubspot to get this asset in the right hands. We sent out a survey to a client database, asking them to identify some key concerns within their business. One key component to segment our audience was asking what their role was. This made it easier to identify only manager-and-above roles and focus on them. Additionally, we incentivized the survey with a chance to win a $100 gift card to Amazon.

Some Key Workflow Considerations:

  • ONLY Manager level and above will be passed through
  • ONLY leads that have indicated a STATE which an office resides will be passed through
  • A weekly report will be provided for follow-up
  • All leads are followed up within one hour
  • Prospects gets Thank You email and is told someone will contact them shortly

Pre-Order Results:

Among the 10,000+ contacts this campaign was sent out to, it yielded an open rate of 57.8% and a click-through rate of 14.8%.

Pre-Order Employers Guide Social Campaign

The second part of this campaign was to simultaneously launch social promotion as well as CTA’s on the company website and blog. I led all design and visuals for all promotions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, homepage CTA section, and banners if needed. This campaign lasted for many weeks and required a large variety of engagement.

  • It’s important to note that each social platform is based on the appropriate image proportions.

Facebook Content:

Twitter Content:

Linkedin Content: