Tactics: Intranet UX | UI Design
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Tactics (Intranet) was in need of an update in order to increase overall employee engagement, retention, and added value to the resources the company provides in a digital space. This 6-month re-design involved a heavy understanding of why the employees use Tactics currently and what they could benefit from updating the Intranet.

Working with a third party developer, we needed to provide the experience, workflows, wireframes, responsive layouts, prototypes, and all visual graphics within our specified timeline in order to minimize friction between both parties.


The current company Intranet is confusing, has an incomplete strategy, not aligned with branding, and outdated documents in the Sales and Recruiting navigation (trainings). There is also no feeling of interactions or delight from the user.

As a result, employees use Tactics less, and they feel less connected to internal/company updates and resources they need on daily basis. With its current application and misguided strategy, there is a misconception of what the company Intranet provides.

One issue that needed to be resolved before any re-design consideration was taking Tactics out behind a secure fire-wall which prevented employees from accessing Tactics from anywhere except the office. Since the current users were only experiencing Tactics on a desktop, a mobile design needed to be introduced.


  • Conduct user research by interviewing and asking current employees about their experience with current Tactics.
  • Develop UX strategy based on findings.
  • Create workflows and wireframes for user journeys starting from Login Screen to specific endpoints.
  • Design Dashboard to introduce new features of Tactics for users to engage in and encourage coming back.
  • Influence employee communication and voice through Idea Bank feature.
  • Motivate and incentivize employees to interact with Tactics more through Badging System achievements recognized in Tactics.
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Increasing employee engagement and interaction within Tactics meant a lot of things. Understanding the behavior of employees and how they currently use the intranet was a definitive practice to inform our solutions.

Employee Personas:

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What did we learn about our employees and how they approach Tactics?

Through several conversations and a lot of observation, we learned a few key things about our employees that informed us to make design decisions.

  • Most users that do interact with current Tactics go there because they have no other choice, or to view weekly company rankings. The resources stored in Tactics are actually important and informative for training, company updates, corporate handbooks, and onboarding for new hires.
  • But what we found in their candor regarding a corporate digital space were characteristics that informed our design decisions to be more personal, meaning a lot were more concerned about their own progress and rank within the company.
  • They also wanted to be more connected to internal communication and updates.

We broke down the users into three types of users. All that required a different experience, with different needs.

New Hires

New hires required an onboarding process on their start date which needed smooth communication with HR about company policies and benefit formalities. It was important to understand that the experience of Tactics needed to be equal to the employees first day as well as a couple years in. We wanted to deliver a great experience from the start and remain consistent.

Sales and Recruiting

Both roles are more concerned about connecting more to team members, updates, quick check-ins for rankings, quick access to resources for clients or posting jobs to Linkedin. A workflow for these employees needed to address these areas as well as to keep them more engaged. We needed to create familiarity with their journey taking into consideration the number of clicks it takes to complete a task. Which meant organization and simplicity were key to retain attention.


The leadership team is responsible for providing any training documents as well as an outlined navigation as to what the employee does next in the process. If any updates are made to a document, it needs to get uploaded and replaced on Tactics relatively quickly. Leadership also has access to certain pages and resources that regular employees do not. Yet again, a different type of experience needed to be considered.

Let’s Get to the Architecture

Desktop Low-Fi Dashboard Wire Frame


  1. Alert Box – Any immediate update notification. Option to hide alert.
  2. Countdown Widget – interactive countdown to any specified date.
  3. Latest News – latest news feed posted to Tactics sorted by date.
  4. ICS 100 Rankings – list of rankings sorted by date (for recruiters)
  5. GP Rankings – list of GP rankings sorted by date (for sales)
  6. Idea Bank – start an idea or suggestion for improvement on any subject. Sent to Idea Bank page.
  7. Instagram Feed – filters company Instagram account to showcase culture (last 5 posts)
  8. From the Blog – blog feed connected to the company blog through an API key.