Salary Guide 2017
Art Direction, Custom Illustration, and Strategy for 2017's National Salary Guides to elicit top talent through best practices in the workplace.
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Marketing was tasked with developing and designing a 2017 Salary Guide suited for all of our clients to introduce the first salary guide and the first worthy printed asset the company has ever brought to market.

After conducting a thorough survey utilizing Hubspot’s tools to reach our client database of thousands of contact leads, we realized what was most important for our clients to be aware of in 2017:

  • What’s Important for Employers to Retain Talent
  • A New Blended Generation of the Workforce (Boomers, Gen X, Millenials, to Gen Z)
  • Why the New Generation of Millenials are Job Hopping/Boomerang
  • What our Solution is?

My Involvement:

Hyper-Local Campaign:
To gain attraction across social media and increase awareness, I created a campaign around nostalgic visuals within each office location. Since this needed to be represented as an advertisement, a common ground amongst all cities was public transit. With some research and digging through images, I was able to design and authenticate a realistic Ad Campaign around the Salary Guides that caught attention through a familiar platform.